Two Major SEO Mistakes

Following are the two major SEO mistakes that several experts tend to make.

Insufficient link popularity

All major search engines make attempts to categorize the results that are displayed in the search results. One of the ways adopted in this regard is tracking the quality and the number of incoming links to a website. Sites that have a huge volume of incoming links from other quality sites are given a higher rank in the search results. This is a very important consideration often overlooked by website marketers. Services that promise of linking your website to thousands of other 메이저 토토 are hardly productive. In fact, most of the time, they forge more harm than good. Most major search engines consider such services to be spam. They often label these attempts to forge popularity as link farming. These sites are typically ceded lower ranks in the search results and are even dropped altogether from the results. Incoming links to a website that are relevant to the site’s content and also complement it are considered to be golden and go a long way to boost the website’s ranking. The page ranking system of Google is a good instance in this regard. A website that has a page ranking of one, when given a link from a website having a page rank of eight, can see the page rank leap to four. Link popularity is a difficult and time-consuming aspect of search engine optimization.

Lack of updates and keyword research

So you own a website. Do know what are the pages in your websites that are generating the greatest interest? What are terms that the people are using to land on your webpage? Most likely, you are unaware of these aspects. Take for instance that you own a website that sells peanut butter. You’ve also paid money for sponsored advertisements so that you can get a higher rank. You assumed that the phrase “peanut butter” would be the main keyword for your website. What happens? One, the term “peanut butter” is so common that your website gets lost among the forty million websites that are competing for the same keyword. Two, the keyword is so unpopular that nobody searches it. Incorporation of proper keywords can solve the problem. A phrase like “organic peanut butter” would streamline the search. People usually search for specific products on the internet and in this case your site is likely to get a higher rank if you deal in that product.