What If Hitler and Stalin Did Unite and Divide Up Europe?

You may not realize this, but at one time Russia and Germany wanted to divide up Europe and control the entire continent. That’s right – Hitler and Stalin were going to get together and create a treaty dividing up the area and then take over all of other countries. Can you imagine what the world would look like today if half of Europe was fascist socialism, and the other half was hard-core communism?

Sure, today the EU and the euro zone is in a bit of a mess financially, however just imagine how bad off that would be if the socialist dictator of the day, and the hard-core communists were running things? Indeed, it’s quite possible if that would’ve happened and if the United States would’ve stayed out of the war, eventually Russia would’ve continued to expand, the 20 unit: domino qq pkv theory would’ve actually happened, and the man-made lines drawn in the sand wouldn’t look anything like they are today.

Fortunately, Hitler and Stalin were unable to make that treaty, mostly because Hitler wanted to create a super-state, and he had his own plans. As history would unfold, the Russians and the Allied forces sandwiched Hitler’s NAZI Germany, and defeated it in World War II. Likewise, the Russians and the United States defeated Japan, and the Russians were closing in from the Kuril Islands North towards the main island of Japan, as we had gone island hopping, conquering each island along the way.

So, recently I was asked; why didn’t Hitler make the deal with Stalin? Well, we should probably remember that Hitler began to see himself as a Visionary God-Like person to build the perfect civilization to last 1000 years. The Soviet Cooperation thus, didn’t fit his long-term plan, and he saw the communists for what they were, communists. It is possible that if they had made the deal in the short term, that in the long-term Stalin and Hitler still would’ve went to war eventually.

Perhaps both men knew that, which led to political impasse, and since they were both hardheaded, neither should we be surprised in hindsight today. It is however an interesting fact of history, as things would’ve played out very differently had a war pact been signed between the two nations, and if they had coordinated their plans. Who knows, perhaps Mussolini would have also been involved, as well. It seems Hitler however wanted a Third Reich which would encompass all of Europe, as well as North Africa. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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